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Salmon Faverolles originated in a village called Faverolle in Northern France.

Bred for their excellent egg laying and good table qualities, they were then imported to Britain in 1886.

Known for their superior egg laying through winter months (unlike many other chickens), they will lay between 280 to 300 eggs a year.

The eggs are of a good size and usually a creamy / pink colour.

The hen has a snowy breast and fluffy white face, due to their delightful muffs and beard.

They have a honeyed salmon colour back and the unusual five toes, unlike most chickens that have 4.

Around the white legs and toes you will find a light feathering.

They are a quiet hen and are affectionate towards their owners.

Known to be particularly good with children, they are becoming a popular choice.

A genteel bird with an affectionate personality these make a particularly good choice as an addition to your flock.

They make excellent back yard fowl and the hens are known to be good broodies and excellent mothers.

The Roosters have a striking structure with a rainbow of colour and make a great rooster for the home flock, as they are not as aggressive as many other cocks.

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